is a resource for architectural, decorative, botanical, and landscape photographs. This site also provides a way to explore and preview Judy Juracek's series of visual research books: SURFACES, SOFT SURFACES, NATURAL SURFACES and ARCHITECTURAL SURFACES.
The SURFACES books are compact picture libraries of images of man-made and natural surfaces, organized specifically for artists, architects, designers, illustrators, and picture editors. Some of the photographs are detailed views shot for the purpose of showing specific materials, layouts, weaves, patterns, textures, and architectural details, while other images are longer views of the subjects in a variety of settings. Photos are coded and cross-referenced in an index, and each book is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing all images as printable 150 dpi files. CD images are coded to correspond with the index references in the books. For more information click on a book:
The over 4,600 images in the four books may be used for research, presentations and comps, and can be made available for editorial and other commercial uses, as are additional images of similar subjects. All images are Copyright © Judy Juracek, and may not be used commercially without her express permission.

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