In the first section, close-up views of foliage are identified as to shape and margin. Many pictures show the subjects against a neutral background, facilitating the use of images from the CD ROM. Other sections focus on type and habitat, and photographs in later sections give longer views of specific plants as they appear in various seasons, gardens, landscapes, and wild settings. Whenever possible, the common and Latin names are given. Terminology used in the captions is defined in the glossary. To view all the images in this chapter visit
  • Types & Shapes of Foliage
  • Ferns
  • Vines & Climbers
  • Water & Wetland Plants
  • Moss, Lichen, Seaweed
  • Rock Garden Plants
  • Cacti & Other Succulents
  • Desert Plants
  • Ground Cover, Bedding, Borders
  • Gardens & Landscapes