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Acer saccharum.

See Bird's-eye hard sugar maple;
Hard sugar maple;
Spalted maple.

Adobe, W-90, 35; B-75, 137; B-146, 152

mud mortar, B-87, 139
mud plaster, P-12, 160; P-145, 189
stucco painted, P-94, 178
with whitewashed plaster, P-35

Agglomerates of marble and stones, P-22, 162

Aggregates, 158–94

colored stucco, P-36, 165
concrete, P-14, 161; P-15, 161; P-16,161; P-26, 163; P-27, 163; P-29,163
cast coarse, P-105, 180
exposed pebble, P-20, 162
marble chips in, P-28, 163
pea gravel in, P-29, 163
quartz chips in, P-26, 163
trap rock in, P-27, 163

Alabama white marble, MA-119, 116

Aluminum; ME-48, 207

anodized, ME-13, 198; ME-39, 205;ME-50, 207
cast, ME-17, 200
conduit, ME-3, 196
facade, ME-40, 205
hand-brushed directional finish,
clear-coated, ME-23, 202
lettering on stainless steel, ME-101,219
perforated and fluted, ME-29, 203
sculpture, ME-105, 220

Amaranth, W-29, 21

Amazaque, W-19, 20

American beech, W-32, 22

American black cherry, W-18, 19

American black walnut, W-46, 23; W-49, 24

American chestnut

veneer, W-45, 23
wood, W-14, 19

American tulipwood, W-9, 18

American walnut, W-23, 20

American white oak

veneer, W-47, 24
wood, W-43, 23